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Stitch Fix Review #2 -Toddler Boys!!

I will be the first to admit Stitch Fix for me personally has been a hit or miss. Honestly, I think it’s a me issue. I’m picky and frugal when it comes to clothes for me…ever since I have had kids I am more willing and excited to shop for them than myself. Mom issues! So here we are with our second Stitch Fix for Wyatt and again I couldn’t be more impressed with the choices and quality of the clothing he received.

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, here are the dets: Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription box you can receive at a variety of schedules, or as needed if you are feeling the need to refresh your closet. You complete a style profile, pay a $20 styling and schedule your fix…it’s that easy! Once your Fix arrives you have 3 days to try on, decide what to keep and send the rest back in their prepaid postage bag (hopefully you love it all and don’t have to return & receive 25% off your Fix!) Your styling fee automatically gets credited to your purchase, even if you keep just one thing.


Stitch Fix Kids sizing starts at 3T and goes to size 14, at that point, you could transition your teens to Women (sizes 0-24W/XS-3X) or Men (sizes 28-42W/XS-2X). The kids Fix comes with 8-12 items.

For Wyatt’s second fix he received 9 items, I felt the majority of items met his personal style. Unfortunetly, for all of you Wyatt hasn’t been up to taking pictures, I mean he’s the cutest-right! So stock pictures it is…

Here is what we kept:

The quality of both pants were great. The joggers are so soft but not too warm so great for fall. The Joe’s are just down right awesome! I love Joe’s jeans and was pleasantly surprised to see Stitch Fix carried them for kids and at such a reasonable price, it made them very hard to pass up!

Here are a few of our misses, only because Wyatt already had the same or similar in his closet already:


Here are our real misses:

These were really just style misses for us. For the jacket, it was style and honestly the writing on the back- just not for us. Wyatt did not like the zipper pockets on the shorts-the quality and feel were very nice. Again, the jeans were just not our style.

I was really happy with our second kids Fix, we are looking forward to his next one that’s coming early October! Click on the link to try it out and you will receive a $25 credit when you sign up for your first Fix.

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