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KIDBOX – Boys – Review

KIDBOX is something I have been wanting to try for a while now. It seems I am seeing a lot of ads for them on social media and have seen some of the clothing they have on Pinterest. I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a back to summer box for Wyatt.

A little bit about KIDBOX :

KIDBOX is a seasonal subscription box, they have added some exclusive boxes in addition to the seasonal boxes as well to increase your options. Unlike some of the other subscription boxes, there is no style fee, so really you can try without feeling like you will need to keep something just to not lose your style fee. KidBox exclusive clothing mixed with known name brands. Try & Decide- with KIDBOX you have 7 days to try on before you have to check out. If you decide to keep everything you do get a very generous full box discount.

Give Back

I love companies that have give back programs, so KIDBOX fills my bucket! For every full box kept you clothe a child in need! If that wasn’t cool enough for you, you also get to chose the charity!! So, if you were on the fence with one or two items in your box, this (along with the full box discount) is a great incentive to give you the nudge to purchase the full box.  KIDBOX  encourages if an item or two aren’t for you that you donate those items or give them as gifts, this makes me feel like they are driven to help and serve others. We have chosen to donate NWT clothing to a local emergency domestic violence shelter for woman and children. This organization holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, so this was a simple choice for me.

Here’s what we got:

We received 7 items (9 if you separate the sets)  in Wyatt’s summer KIDBOX.

With the full box discount the total came to $98! Here goes…



Vintage Havana Boys “Surf Beach Life” Tee- this tee is really soft, I liked the pattern and how it really could be worn with any type of bottoms, easily paired with both bottoms included in this box.





Urban Smalls Boys MotorcyleTee- this tee was also soft and fit true to size. This tee also worked well with the two pairs of shorts in the box.








Appaman Boys “Skully” Tee was my favorite of the three. I liked that it was different and something you would not find a similar version in stores.  The quality was great but I found the price to be a tad high.







DKNY Boys Poplin Cargo Shorts. These were great quality, although too big for Wyatt they did seem true to size.





U.S. Polo Assn. Boys Shorts. I love stripes and also these shorts. They were a style match for what Wyatt likes to wear and were great quality. Unfortunetly, too big so went back.






ECKO Boys 2PC Woven and Short Set. This was cute, the shorts were a straight fit. Quailty was nice however, Wyatt did not like this.







Teddy Boom Boys “#King” Tee w/ Terry Short Set. This was a style miss for us. I also felt like the quality was a miss. The feel of the shirt was rough and stiff and the quality of the shorts was just not there for me.





Exchanges or returns:

Are easily made through your online account. I also had the pleasure of working with their customer service, and they couldn’t have been more kind and understanding. Returns for KIDBOX go to UPS, and there is a preprinted label in your box. Now, I do have to admit, I didn’t pay attention to the return label and took the package to USPS. When I didn’t get the return notice from KIDBOX and after some thought I realized I did this. I called KIDBOX as well as USPS. KIDBOX customer service was wonderful to work with. I also learned from USPS that I am not the only one that has done this, even though I thought I likely was one of very few. Becuase of this UPS actually picks up packages from in the long run it all worked out just fine!

We did not end up keeping any of the items in Wyatt’s summer KIDBOX. The 2PC sets are not his style and both pairs of shorts were too big for him. I did like the tees, the quality was good but for $75 for just the three tees, the price was too high for me personally. I thought the box was thoughtfully put together. All of the tees paired well with the shorts and the 2 PC sets were different.

If you want to check out KIDBOX for your little, and support their goal to provide clothing to 1 million children in need, you can do so by clicking on this link. By utilizing this link you will receive $25 off your first KIDBOX! Enjoy!!

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